Home Renovation: Why You Should Renovate Your Home

Home Renovation- Why You Should Renovate Your Home

Renovating your home can have a load of potential benefits from improved quality of life to saving money and even the ability to increase your home’s value. In the article, we cover in-depth each of those benefits.

Improved Quality of Life

Renovating your home can improve your quality of life. Your home is your personal haven, so you want it to be a liveable and comfortable space for you and your family. Some people renovate their home to improve relaxation, while others do it to free up some space and bring in more natural light from the outside. Other people want to make their home safe for the elderly and children.

Or of course, you may simply be renovating an old property to sell on. Regardless of your reason, renovations can make your property a safer and more comfortable place and more desirable to potential buyers.

How can you relax if your house is dark, crowded, and dirty? You won’t have peace of mind when you always worry about your kids or the elderly. Home renovations and improvements can help you keep the kitchen, garage, stairs, bathroom, and the rest of the house safe for its occupants.

Home improvement projects can also improve your health. For instance, choosing the right flooring is important for those with asthma, allergies, and other respiratory problems. Carpets are comfortable and beautiful, but they can also be the sanctuary of dirt, bacteria, and other allergens. Dust mites and mould spores can accumulate in the carpet and trigger allergies. Hard flooring such as wood, concrete, laminates, and tiles can help prevent such health problems. This kind of flooring is also easier to clean than carpets.

Save Money

Renovations might be costly, but these projects can help you save money in the long run. It can make your home energy-efficient. There are a lot of energy-efficient appliances today such as LED lighting and energy-saving outlets. Broken appliances consume more electricity to do their function. This increases your utility bills.

Replacing old or malfunctioning appliances with energy-efficient ones can help you save on your monthly bills. You can also install water-efficient bathroom products to avoid wasting water. Examples of such devices include dual flush buttons which offer a choice of flushes and low flow faucet/tap aerators. The latter reduces water usage by almost 4% on average.

You can also install a low flow showerhead. It works just like a tap aerator. You can find a low flow showerhead with a 1.5 GPM flow rate. This can help you save thousands of gallons of water every year.

Increase Your Home’s Value

This is perhaps the most important benefit of renovating your home. Increasing your home’s value is very achievable and in many cases, the home’s value will increase more than the amount spent on the renovation work. For example, you could spend £10K on renovation work but increase the properties value by £20K.

And increasing your home’s value improves your credit rating. If you want to get a loan, you have a higher chance of getting approved.

The housing market is extremely competitive, so don’t expect a good price if your kitchen or bathroom is out-of-date. Many home buyers now check if the property has been renovated to make sure that they don’t purchase a house with hidden structural problems. By renovating your home, you can sell it fast and for a good price


The money you invest in renovating your home is not wasted. It should be considered an investment, as the project should pay itself off through savings from utility bills and a comfortable home life. And of course it will add value.

Or, if renovating to sell on, then improvements will increase the property’s selling price, which should easily cover your renovation costs and provide a good profit.

If you’ve renovated a home before let us know in the comments below what you enjoyed the most and why you chose to renovate.

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